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Yogic diet

A yogic diet brings inner peace to the mind and body, it also encourages spiritual progress. "The mind is formed from the essence of food" according to Yogic philosophy and it does not believe in calorie count of food but it emphasises on they type of food and its quality. If the food taken is nutritious and simple, it helps in the development of a strong and a subtle intellect.

Moderation is also very important in whatever we consume. Discipline as per Yogic philosophy in the choice and consumption of food is critical for the health and for spiritual growth. If a person eats a moderate nourished diet, it is like fasting. It is a practice where a person is not straining the system by putting too many toxins. All nature including diet is categorised into three types or qualities : Sattva which means "pure", Rajas which means "over stimulating" and Tamas meaning "putrefied". A person's actions and behaviour can be judges by the food they take - You are what you eat. The yogic diet is based on the Sattiv (pure) food and is considered the best food for yogic practitioners.

But you don't have to be a yogic to follow this diet. If you want to lead a healthy and a happy sustainable life than this diet is for You! Sattvic food is easy to make and can be effortlessly incorporated into daily life.

Sattvic Food

What is Sattvic Food?

The foods that increase strength, health, joy, happiness and purity, the food which are savoury, sweet, wholesome, sustainable and agreeable.

  • The food should be as natural and fresh as possible.They should be preferably organically grown and without preservatives or artificial flavourings.

  • They should be eaten in a natural state as possible - either lightly cooked, steamed or raw.

  • Sattvic food consists of - Lightly cooked grains such as barley, corn, wheat, millets, quinoa and oats.Coarse food such as whole grains and porridge in the diet stimulate the process of digestion and elimination. Grains supply carbohydrates that are necessary and the main source of energy for the body, they also hold half of amino acids that are required to for, protein.Protein are the building blocks of the body - protein foods include nuts, seeds and pulses.

  • The key is to eat a healthy diet is to eat a mixture of foods to make sure all the amino acids essential for building proteins is included.

  • Fruits and vegetables both fresh and dries as well as pure juices are a part of Sattvic food as they contain a lot of fibres, vitamins and minerals. Vegetables such as seeded and leafy vegetables, roots and tubers are best eaten raw or slightly cooked.

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