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Understanding the meaning behind the name

Kosha means “sheath or layer” The Upanishads describe Kosha as a system of five layers and so Koshas are often called the five sheathes or as said in Sanskrit “Pancha Kosha”. These five layers are arranged from the grosser to the more subtle layers of awareness - starting from the physical body and moving inwards to the “Self”. The physical (gross) body is called “Annamaya Kosha” and the blissful (self) is called ”Anandmaya Kosha”. The other three layers Pranmaya, Manomaya and Vijnanamaya are a part of the subtle body. These five Koshas help us in understanding of our spiritual and psychological development. Practicing yoga consistently and with patience bring the individual into the Self and gradually leads to self-realisation.

The true purpose of yoga is to develop a deeper relation with the Self that exists deep within our core.

Join me on this journey to understanding your Body-Mind-Soul. Here at Kosha we focus on all the aspects of the mind and body through various yoga practices such as Asanas, Kriyas, Pranamayam and OM chanting.

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